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PC/Laptop Repair
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Antivirus £25 Per Year
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We Speed Up Your Computer!
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We Fix Wireless Issues
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Our Services
A Quality Service
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Windows Problems Fixed
Data Recovery
Virus Removal
Websites & Hosting
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We Replace Screens
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We Fix Graphics Problems
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We Find Drivers That Are Needed
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Remote Access
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Website Hosting
E commerce
Data Recovery
SEO Services
Website Design
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FREE Local Call Out!
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We Also Offer A Drop Off And Collection Service!
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Most Computers Are Repaired With 24 Hours!
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We Offer Reasonable Rates!
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Windows Problems Fixed
Free Local Call Out
Reasonable Rates
Website Design
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FREE Call Out!

Call Us 01274 775674.

Welcome to FREE Pc Call Out!

We offer a Full range of IT services including computer repairs,we have technicians available,we do in depth virus/spyware/malware removal,windows installation,windows upgrade/downgrade,cracked screen replacement,laptop keyboard replacement,wireless issues,slow computer issues,any windows problems,hard drive upgrades,windows upgrades, data backup, data recovery, network installation and support and all other computer related issues,we also do web design and web hosting at reasonable prices.

With our friendly reliable service we can satisfy your requirements providing a cost effective service at a competitive price.

We provide the flexibility of onsite repairs as well as on site computer and IT support at your home or business,we also offer FREE local call out!

Our Services

  • AVG Internet Security £25
  • A Friendly Service
  • Discounts To Oap's
  • Return Customer Loyalty Scheme
  • Trustworthy & Reliable
  • Speedy Call Out
  • Same Day Appointments
  • FREE Local Call Out
  • Drop Off/Collect Service
  • Free Dispose Of Damaged Pc
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • FREE 12 Months Antivirus
  • Desktop/Laptop Upgrades
  • Testing
    Computer & IT Services
  • Windows Installation
  • Windows Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Hard Drive Upgrade
  • Replacement Broken Screen
  • Replacement Laptop Keyboard
  • In Depth Virus removal
  • In Depth Spyware/Malware removal
  • Windows Problems Fixes
  • Wired/Wireless Networking
  • ​Quality PC/Laptop Repairs
  • Pc Diagnostic
  • PC Tune Up
  • Fix sound & graphics problems
  • Speed computer up
  • Fix Wireless Issues
  • And More...
  • Delivery
    Website Development
  • Website Design
  • Choice Of Over 200 Websites
  • Web Development
  • Low Cost Hosting
  • E commerce Sites
  • ​Website Banners
  • Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Submission To Over 100 Engines
  • Get High In Google Engine
  • Social Media Bookmarks Share
  • Online Shop Sites
  • Wordpress Development
  • Dating Sites & Much More...
  • Scrolling Banner Wording
  • And More...

  • Our Main Areas,can help you with any computer related issues you may have:-

    • Computer/Laptop Repairs

      From a slow running Pc/laptop,to faulty laptop,or damaged laptop screen to hardware issues,and more,we will provide you with the best options for any repairs.

    • Website Design

      We provide range of Website Design Price Packages to determine your Website budget. Our Price Packages for Website Design suits for business small or medium. Our Website Design Prices are low cost in comparison to other Web Design companies.

    • Remote Access

      We can fix computer problems without even coming to your home,remotely. Remote access is a great new technology which allows us to safely fix your problems from our workshop and talk with you over the phone at the same time if you prefer.

    • Other Tech Services

      We are experts in Virus removal,Data recovery,wireless problems, Internet Security,Firewall, Drivers Installations,Hard drive back up and much more.


    Opening Hours -
    Monday - Saturday - Call To Book An Appointment
    Sunday - Call To Book An Appointment
    Call Us On:- Freephone 0800 612 4785

    Or Landline:- 01274 775674

    Our Location

    Below Are Some Of The Areas That We Cover,We Cover Many Other Areas Also Up to A 75 Mile Radius:-

    LaptopRepairsInCottingley LaptopRepairsInBingley LaptopRepairsInSaltaire LaptopRepairsInDenholme LaptopRepairsInShipley LaptopRepairsInKeighley LaptopRepairsInWrose LaptopRepairsInCullingworth LaptopRepairsInHalifax LaptopRepairsInHaworth LaptopRepairsInOxenhope LaptopRepairsInWilsden LaptopRepairsInLongLee LaptopRepairsInOakworth LaptopRepairsInGreengates LaptopRepairsInEsholt LaptopRepairsInCalverley LaptopRepairsInRawdon LaptopRepairsInBaildon LaptopRepairsInOtley LaptopRepairsInMenston LaptopRepairsInIlkley LaptopRepairsInMiddleton LaptopRepairsInAddingham LaptopRepairsInHaworth LaptopRepairsInGuiseley ComputerRepairsInCottingley ComputerRepairsInBingley ComputerRepairsInSaltaire ComputerRepairsInDenholme ComputerRepairsInShipley ComputerRepairsInKeighley ComputerRepairsInWrose ComputerRepairsInCullingworth ComputerRepairsInHalifax ComputerRepairsInHaworth ComputerRepairsInOxenhope ComputerRepairsInWilsden ComputerRepairsInLongLee ComputerRepairsInOakworth ComputerRepairsInGreengates ComputerRepairsInEsholt ComputerRepairsInCalverley ComputerRepairsInRawdon ComputerRepairsInBaildon ComputerRepairsInOtley ComputerRepairsInMenston ComputerRepairsInIlkley ComputerRepairsInMiddleton ComputerRepairsInAddingham ComputerRepairsInHaworth ComputerRepairsInGuiseley LaptopRepairsInSilsden ComputerRepairsinSilsden LaptopRepairInSilsden LaptopRepairInCottingley LaptopRepairInBingley LaptopRepairInSaltaire LaptopRepairInDenholme LaptopRepairInShipley LaptopRepairInKeighley LaptopRepairInWrose LaptopRepairInCullingworth LaptopRepairInHalifax LaptopRepairInHaworth LaptopRepairInOxenhope LaptopRepairInWilsden LaptopRepairInLongLee LaptopRepairInOakworth LaptopRepairInGreengates LaptopRepairInEsholt LaptopRepairInCalverley LaptopRepairInRawdon LaptopRepairInBaildon LaptopRepairInOtley LaptopRepairInMenston LaptopRepairInIlkley LaptopRepairInMiddleton LaptopRepairInAddingham LaptopRepairInHaworth LaptopRepairInGuiseley.
    Remote Controls For Tv,Hifi,Cd,And Much More..
    Some Of The Best Metal Detectors Online!
    100% FREE Dating Site!
    25% Off Remote Controls!
    Angel Computer Repairs
    The Mobile Pc Medic
    Free Pc Call Out

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